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Browser Requirements:

The Tenaska Power Services Customer Portal supports the following browsers:

For customers who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 or 8, we recommend you upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 or one of the other mentioned browsers.  In the event you are not able to upgrade your browser, Google Chrome provides a browser add-on that will enhance your browsing experience.  Without using this add-on for older versions of Internet Explorer, the website may not display correctly.  To download the Google Chrome add-on and for additional IT Administrative information, please follow this link.

While there are many different browsers to choose from, this website is best viewed using Google Chrome.  The governing body of the internet is working hard to establish a set of HTML standards.  At this time all browsers support pieces of this new standard knows as HTML 5.  Currently, Google Chrome supports these new features the best. Other browsers will still function, but your experience may be limited.

Other Requirements: